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Asraf Hamdan
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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About Me
Hello builders!
well im just non english speaker trying my best to share story about myself in english.. soo lets butcher all the words!!

ive been involved with computers since early days (i dont know what is the spec, but it got "TURBO" button, iirc one of earliest game ive played is Amok from DOS/Windows.. man that was the best game at that time.. i dont know english word while playing that, imma press all da button till game finished.

and my dad upgrade the computer to Acer Aspire T135, man i love it soo much, look at that LCD technology, it may not be highest spec but hey, it is good enough to keep a boy smiling everyday...

but... the computer wont last long, as modern technology coming faster everyday, my T135 has showing its ageing sign..
once more new computer upgrade is needed.. and so comes the sleek design Acer Aspire M5810, with its pop up card reader, man this thing is LIT.. and we got new monitor too, from 4:3 to 16:9 Acer V203H. All previous computer is purchased by my parent, Thank you mom & dad i love you soo much ❤😘

after more than 7 years of using the M5810, i purchased new GPU GTX960 to replace the ageing HD5570.. well bottleneck game is stronk with this one 🤣
thus here comes the grand plan to upgrade my computer personally from A to Z.
pieces by pieces i survey, purchase and assembled to become what we have now FAN-tastic.. it may not be perfect, nor it be the highest spec but it does the job nicely 😎

for future?
Where there is a will there is a way, technology improved overtime, we adapt and improvise everytime.

still here?
other than computer, im really interested in cars, tanks, and food😋
My Skills
I genuinely have no idea what to put here, soo i just put anything comes to mind 👌
  • I do computer and smartphone repair
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