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Need help? Sure, no problem! Just open a ticket with our support team, and we will get back to you on your account email address as soon as possible. However, please find our F.A.Q.'s below as they may already answer your question.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What's this all about?

What makes this site special?

Does it cost anything to join?

Does it cost anything to enter contests?

If it's free to join, and contests are free as well, how do you keep the lights on around here?

How do I get started?

I'm trying to fill out my build, but some of the hardware I've used aren't listed.

Why do some users have a fancy URL and some don't?

Where/How can I delete my user account and information?

What do I do if a brand I use isn't in the database?

What do I do if a product I use isn't in the database?


How are prizes shipped if I win something from a contest?

Are there fees associated with prize payment options via wire transfer or PayPal? If so, who covers them?

What happens If I don't claim my prize within the allotted time?

What if I'm unable to provide the requested photos for prizes in the allotted time?

How soon will I receive my prize?

Someone voted for me in a contest, but my vote count didn't go up, what gives?

How are votes calculated? Where do half votes come from?

How can I unpublish/revise/update my build during a contest?

Will I need to cover duties, taxes, or other fees on prizes?

How will the contest prizes be dispersed?

How will I know I've won something?

Can I change my build once it has been entered?

I cannot enter my build into the contest - what gives?