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Builds.gg is an online community for PC builders from across the globe. Created by some of the world's most prolific PC builders, builds.gg connects people with a common passion for everything PC and PC technology related.

Our website is tailor-made for the PC builder. Focused on the community aspect of PC building, builds.gg is the place for enthusiasts to show off their PC builds with an audience of like-minded builders. Users can easy upload pictures of their builds, as well as create build logs to show users how they put their builds together. Our extensive hardware database also makes quick work of entering the hardware used in each build.

For builders looking for inspiration, builds.gg can help with our advanced search functionality. Search for builds containing specific hardware parts, or look for builds that follow a particular theme or color scheme. Users can follow their favorite builds and builders, and receive notifications when new updates are made. With builds.gg, PC builders have a central hub on the Internet to find new ideas for upcoming builds.

To give back the community, builds.gg works with industry leaders to offer contests and prizes for builders to enter. Take part in monthly competitions by entering your builds, and even win prizes just for voting on your favorite builds.

With builds.gg, we strive to grow this vibrant community, and foster even more interest in the world of PC building.