Steampunk by Quadriplegic

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Charlie Merritt
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Edgewater, United States
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Steampunk by Quadriplegic


Because of my disability (quadriplegic), there have been some additional issues when trying to communicate my ideas to the actual hands putting the computer together. Luckily, I have been able to have some very good people assist me, get frustrated with me, but in the end get the job done. I began this build over a year ago with the assumption I could have it completed within a few months. A year later and after several RMA resolutions and a very tricky timing bios issue is finally my daily driver. Many of the components were taken from a computer purchased by the Department of Veterans Affairs for my use along with some of my own purchases. vid of build orig PC Partpicker

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I want to incorporate Alice in Wonderland and Steampunk into the build and thought the best way to do that was to use one half-inch copper tubing along with the push to connect fittings by Sharkbite. I also painted the case to make it look more antiqued and added a decorative backdrop inside the case to bring the exterior and interior together. The lighting effect is meant to incorporate an Edison bulb glow to the interior.


I chose the I7-8700 K based on my personal workload. I typically use my computer as a workstation for video editing (minimally) and a lot of streaming and gaming. My stream has offset to a different computer for rendering, etc. I have managed to overclock the CPU on all six cores to 5. 2 GHz stable at 30°


At first, I had chosen the Asus Hero, but after having to RMA that board I upgraded to the Formula X. this board was also an RMA as apparently my first 8700 K was shorting out my motherboards. After a couple of months of Postal Service back and forth. I had a CPU and motherboard that really like each other and managed to POST and load Windows.


From all of the forms, I have read this particular combination of CPU and motherboard work well with 3200 MHz RAM. I chose the RGB Trident Z because of the lighting effect along with the great reviews of that particular RAM. There were some timing issues initially and I had to disable fast booting power to synchronize everything for startup.


Samsung 960 Evo 250 MB for the operating system and any programs I run daily. Initially, I will have a second m.2, but for now, I am backing up to a secondary SSD which only shows signs of lag when rendering large videos.


The 1080 from MSI came with the build from Department of VA, so I transferred to this case. It manages to run every game I have at 144 MHz refresh rate FPS. Unfortunately, with the prices of GPU’s. I will have to wait on the 1080 TI so that I can update this graphics card. But I am very happy with the 1080 Aero OC 8 GB from MSI. I overclocked with MSI Afterburner 2075 MHz 11200 euros for the memory at 32°C. 1043mV


I chose the case because of its rigidity and that it can be gutted relatively easily and allow for more customization.


Fully modular with a great control panel enough power to launch a rocket ship. 1200 W may be overkill for this particular build. The PSU was also from the Department of VA computer. I think that the HX or AX 650 and up from Corsair would be just fine.


I recommend water cooling hands-down over any other type of cooling readily available to the average consumer. I chose a rather difficult way of and permitting cooling, but if you were to use flexible tubing. You would be able to get by with a lot less of an expense. AIO coolers are a simple but effective way to meet most cooling demands. The Kraken G 12 helps with incorporating your GPU for cooling without breaking the bank. If you are considering a loop for your build. I advised to keep it very simple and you will find you may end up with something like I have.

My temperatures for the CPU under-load the PC never goes over 50°C and at 29°C idle. Previously using air cooling temperatures Were around 65°C idle, and around 79° while gaming. I also de-lidded the CPU so that also assisted with the lower temps. My 1080 always ran over 80° no matter what settings were applied. With the watercooling, it stays at 30°C with overclocking and under stress.

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Color(s): Gold Yellow
RGB Lighting? Yes
Cooling: Custom Liquid Cooling
Theme: Steampunk
Size: ATX


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Intel - Core i7-8700K
Cores: 6
Socket: LGA 1151
ASUS - ROG Maximus X Formula
Chipset: Z370
CPU Socket: LGA 1151
Memory Support: DDR4
G.Skill - Ripjaws V
Capacity: 8 GB
Type: DDR4
Samsung - 960 EVO
Capacity: 250 GB
Form Factor: M.2
Type: SSD
NVIDIA - Founders Edition
Chip: GTX 1080
Chip Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Corsair - AX1200i
Efficiency: 80+ Platinum
Form Factor: ATX
Modularity: Fully-Modular
Thermaltake - Veiw 31 RGB
Motherboard Support: ATX
Side Panel: Tempered Glass
Type: Mid-Tower
Approved by: