EK 10K Challenge March 22 Update

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EK 10K Challenge March 22 Update

Hello builds.gg Members!

We hope that you are all enjoying the EK 10K Challenge so far. We have over 940 builds currently entered into the contest, and although voting has already started, it is not too late to enter your own build if you haven't already done so. Remember - all entered builds receive five ballots towards the random prize draw! Check out all the awesome stuff you could win

Unfortunately, we also need to take the time now to report that we have removed currently #2 ranked Twister from the EK 10K Challenge. During our internal investigation, we discovered that this user used a proxy service located in Albania in order to use a fake account to vote for his own build. This user apparently forgot to log out of his proxy/VPN service before relogging into his main account, as the same Albanian IP address was listed in his website session logs during the same time. This activity automatically raised red flags in our automated vote monitoring system, and prompted us to further investigate what was happening.

It turns out that this fake account was created during our first 10K Challenge, and only voted for their build during that contest. In addition to this, this fake account was created from the same provider in Italy as the one used for their main account. While this user used this fake account to vote for a few other builds this time in order to hide their intentions, the evidence of their transgressions cannot be ignored.

After discovering their pattern of behavior, we matched it up with our database and discovered numerous votes from suspicious accounts. As a result, Twister has been removed from the contest, and will be banned from builds.gg.

It is unfortunate that we needed to take action on this, but maintaining the integrity of each contest is of utmost importance. We will continue to stay vigilant and look out for any suspicious activities.

With that out of the way, we hope that you enjoy the rest of the EK 10K Challenge. Be sure to vote for builds and increase your chances to win something from our awesome prize pool.

Best of luck to everyone!

The builds.gg Team