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EK 10K Challenge
Main Sponsor
EK Water Blocks
Endgame Gear
Thermal Grizzly

The Contest

Hello and welcome to the EK 10K Challenge on builds.gg, brought to you by EK Water Blocks!

The EK 10K Challenge looks for the best PC builds on the Internet. The builds.gg community will vote on the entered builds, and there will be $10,000 USD of prize money for the top 3 builds participating in the contest.

Thanks to noblechairs, Endgame Gear, Performance PCs, Crucial, Thermal Grizzly, EK Water Blocks, and CableMod, there is also a massive selection of hardware prizes that will be awarded to random people who have voted on builds during the contest.

Participants: 1009

Your Contest

To enter this contest with your build, you need to first login or sign up. Then, simply prepare and publish your build!

Method 1: Be in the Top 3

The contest is based on the number of votes each build receives. The three builds with the most votes at the end of the contest will share $10,000 USD in prize money. The prize distribution will be as follows:

First Place: $5,000 USD
Second Place: $3,000 USD
Third Place: $2,000 USD

Each account is limited to entering one build into this contest, and you can enter the contest at any time. However, voting begins on Mar 15th, 2021, 4:00 pm UTC, so entering the contest by this date will mean that your build has more time to receive votes from the builds.gg community.

Method 2: Participation Prizes

Don’t even have a build to enter into the contest? You can still win! By simply voting for your favorite builds, you will be entered into a random draw for a ton of awesome hardware prizes, graciously provided by our hardware partners. Here's a list of prizes that are up for grabs:

Sponsor Prize Winner
ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3080 mstrbilder
CableMod 50x 50 USD Voucher Ty Larson, CUSTOM LOOP, mycodmobileacc, Fireflyspeed, alain-s, Paul21, S7ree7figh7er, Zagreus, ThEvil142, pitmodder, janinator12478, YummyPastry, TheMelonGod, Kauz, uhhngy, Antiheero84, Experix, TheMasterAdek, UbiquitousMortal, PCbeast, sam_no90, Kyle Rathen, Quintessential, more4mlester, Ashton Reagan, chmurielh, Daxterbeer, Mikey67Tang, Dragon Egg, JonnyLegz, Fortruss, Shataan, Archeol, Kronoak, Tsyka_79, Giglbox19, Suh Mirror, Mavericksyao, notiltnoparty, irodri77, WaggishSaucer62, Pawcio1337, Tefen, AMerexican, Michael Farmer, CoolioDonJulio, David Leach, clearcreation, BHB mods
Crucial 1TB P2 NVMe SSD Danny79
Crucial 1TB X6 Portable SSD damienlangkamer
Crucial 2TB P5 NVMe SSD JimboPCBuilds
Crucial Ballistix 32GB @ 3600MHz - CL16 JustZein8
EK Water Blocks EK-Quantum Power Kit D-RGB P240 Olivier Laquerre
EK Water Blocks EK-Quantum Power Kit D-RGB P360 Vincent1002
Endgame Gear XM1 RGB Gaming Mouse - Dark Reflex David Handwerk
noblechairs EPIC Black Edition cracrajj
noblechairs HERO DOOM Edition shmoug
Performance-PCs 4x 100 USD Voucher Topi Hanhijärvi, Zenno, vansh2710, S.D.M.F.
Performance-PCs 2x 250 USD Voucher Justin Chu, xRABIDPANDAx
Performance-PCs 5x 50 USD Voucher Cosmicenvy, Phoenix Command, Dragon Egg, Neonlightlipstick, scarter
Performance-PCs 500 USD Voucher Bloodfeast
Thermal Grizzly 10x Kryonaut Extreme ExploreModding, aporia, Psychsome, Faggan, gypsyunit, Zicoz, Alexandrine, Daxterbeer, Vilma Emilia

To qualify for our participation prizes, simply vote on at least 10 builds that are entered into the contest. Every 10 builds you’ve reviewed (either by voting or by passing) counts as one ballot, and each person can earn up to a maximum of 100 ballots. The more you vote, the more chances you have to win!

Everyone who has entered a build into the contest, and has not won any of the previous prizes, will receive 5 ballots towards this random draw.