Build of the Month December Update & January Live!

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Build of the Month December Update & January Live!

Greetings Members!

With December 2020 now in the rear view mirror, it's time to announce the winner of December 2020's Build of the Month Contest.

This month was hyper competitive. For the first time ever, we actually have a tie for first place! Both ExploreModding and Nick Falzone managed to garner 45 votes for their builds - great job, guys! Unfortunately, we can only declare one winner, and so we decided to decide the 1st place finisher via coin toss.

December 2020's Build of the Month is Nick Falzone with his build Yuugou - congratulations! Nick will be receiving a very cool prize package from the good people over at EKWB, Performance PCs, and CableMod.

The random prize winner this time around is StevyWar, who will be receiving a $150 USD EKWB Gift Card and PPCs Swag.

Along with this announcement, we wanted to take the time now to address an issue that arose during the December 2020 BotM Contest. Earlier in the contest, we decided to disqualify a user by the name of "Joel Evans Stuart" due to vote begging and advertising. While we allow posting on Facebook groups, the group that this user was posting in was actually one that they founded and were running. Because of this infraction, we removed 10 votes from his tally, which is similar to how we've handled similar infractions in past contests.

After this action was taken, the user went on an outrageous posting spree, accusing the admins of running a fraudulent contest, calling other participants cheaters, and saying that the winners were chosen due to us being "friends" with them. Needless to say, this user has zero evidence to back up their claims.

We then looked into this user's account more closely (which was opened only a few days before hand), and discovered that this user posted quite a bit of advertising for his own Facebook group and projects on the feed, as well as on several build comment sections of users. Of course, abusing the comment sections on for advertising is against our site rules.

After this user continued to post disparaging comments about and its admins on various Facebook pages and groups, we decided to completely ban his account and removed his comments. is meant to be a fun, positive, and engaging place for our members, and we work hard to bring cool contests and giveaways to our members every single month. When we point out contest infractions, in most cases, people will take our suggestions to heart and simply modify their behavior. Unfortunately, this user decided it was appropriate to attack us and our site, and this kind of toxicity is something we simply do not tolerate on

If you've made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read what happened and how we handled the situation. We hope to continue bringing more fun and free activities for everyone here on the site.

For January's BotM contest, EKWB, Performance PCs, and CableMod are stepping up once again to provide some nice prize packages for our winners. Enter your build today for your chance to win!

The Team