10K Challenge - February 27 Update

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10K Challenge - February 27 Update

Greetings builds.gg Members!

With 1,871 builds entered so far, the competition is really starting to heat up! Remember to get your friends to enter so we can reach even more stretch prizes! :)

With voting just one short week away, here are some updates we'd like to communicate with everyone:

  1. TBD Parts - Builds that currently have any parts listed as TBD will not be eligible to enter the contest. Valid build entries will need to have all confirmed parts to keep things as fair as possible. We've cleared out our current backlog of parts requests, but if your particular parts are still missing, feel free to let us know.
  2. Parts Entry - In order to claim a prize, the parts entered into your build must match the parts that are actually in your system. If you win a prize, but the parts you've entered don't actually match the parts in your system, your prize will be forfeited and another winner will be selected.
  3. Parts Compatibility - Similar to the above, if the parts you've entered don't actually work together (i.e. An AMD motherboard paired with an Intel CPU), any prizes you've won will also be forfeited. This is to guard against people who are just entering in random parts to enter the contest.
  4. Prize Claiming - Everyone who has won a prize via Methods 1 or 2 will be required to provide a photo of themselves with the build they've entered in order to claim their prize. They will also need to provide a close up photo of their build so we can verify the parts used inside. This is to prevent people from entering builds that are not actually theirs.

We want to keep all contests on builds.gg as fair as possible for all participants.

Voting for all builds begins next week on March 7. For everyone chomping at the bit to start voting on builds, here's a small preview of what to expect. :)

More news to come - keep those builds coming!


The builds.gg Team