10K Challenge - February 22 Update

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10K Challenge - February 22 Update

Hello builds.gg Members!

A big welcome to the 12,932 members we've received since the announcement of the builds.gg 10K Challenge!

We've received a lot of questions about the contest, so here are some points we'd like to clarify for everyone:

  1. Voting - Voting for the contest begins on March 7th. Please note that votes are NOT the same as build views! Votes are completely separate, and every build starts at zero for each new contest.
  2. Build Display - Builds will be displayed to all voters in a random order to keep things fair. We've also built a fun way for everyone to vote on builds - think of it as Tinder for gaming rigs. :D
  3. Build Promotion - Want to get more people to vote for your build? Simply direct them to your profile link, and have them vote there directly!
  4. Stretch Prizes - The Method 2 prize pool (up to an additional $10,700 USD) will be awarded to builds via random draw. Every build that has received at least 5 votes in the contest will qualify, which means that all builds - no matter how sexy or otherwise - can win!
  5. Hardware Prizes - Method 3 prizes will be awarded also via random draw to anyone who has voted on builds. Voting on 10 builds earns you one ballot, and each person can earn up to 100 ballots. The more you vote, the more chances you have to win!

We hope that clears things up! As always, please keep your constructive feedback coming - we made builds.gg for you guys!


The builds.gg Team