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Brisbane, Australia
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Always on the search for that next big build. I'm located in the North Brisbane area (Australia) and I build computers on my weekends and free time. It's a fun hobby and these are just a few of the best builds that I have done in a 6 or so month period. I'm mainly looking for the next build I can fully apply myself to, the Supernova build is the only one I've been able to do so with as it was my personal rig for a time.
If you're in the Brisbane area and interested in me doing you a build hit me up. honestly even if you just want to pick my brain about computers and what to do with your own watercooled build feel free to message me. Also I do make a lot of normal, non watercooled systems; mostly them actually. Mainly I started building and advising people on computer systems because I could see many traps that your average consumer or beginner tech enthusiast simply walk into. You don't need to spend huge amounts of money to get a good computer. If I can educate people a little and save them some money while doing so yay.
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