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Central Point, OR, United States
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About Me
I use to love drawing with a simple pencil and some paper. I drew a lot less when I learned about photoshop and Wacom drawing tablets. Eventually I fell in love with the idea of building your own PC once I learned that was even a thing. Skip ahead even further, I started seeing beautiful pieces of art created by “modders” and realized I had to do it myself no matter the cost. I bought enough cable sleeving tools and materials to last me 50 builds and started investing in tools I saw others using like a Dremel and scroll saw. I made a build utilizing my new found knowledge featuring my own custom cables and acrylic panel. My interest grew exponentially when I learned about distro plates in custom water cooled builds. I saved up enough money and ordered a Shapeoko 3 CNC router. I still haven’t even opened the scroll saw since I basically went from 0 to 100 real fast. Over the course of the last year (off and on) I’ve been learning Fusion 360 and how to run the CNC. I’ve been working on a build for a friend so my own ideas have been on hold. With the final designs being modeled up, and hopefully the weather warming up soon, I’ll be finishing up his build and slowly saving up to work on something beautiful for myself. It’s a hobby and ultimately an expression of my creativity so I don’t have plans to make any money from building showcase builds. Though I would love to build a portfolio of work that would allow me to reach out for sponsorships that will help in bringing any of my many ideas to life
My Skills
Fusion360, CNC, Dremel, painting, problem solving, and loads of creativity