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Old made new

Been a while since I've had a gaming PC. Last machine was a Athlon 3000+ with SLI 7800GTs I believe in the mid 2000s. I helped build my son a PC a year ago ( https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/7m79l3/13_years_ago_i_rescinded_my_status_in_the/ ) and I got the bug back real hard.

CPU, Cooler, Ram, SSD and Motherboard These came from an ex WoW machine that got upgraded to an 8700k system. My friend was given these parts as payment for helping with the build, and he gave them to me for helping him sell some stuff on Facebook marketplace/eBay.

1Tb hard drive was lying around from an old server build. It's showing as "warning" in most hard drive diagnostic programs, but it's just holding my game downloads until it dies, at which point I'll just replace it.

Video card was a bit of a story. I was given an R9 280x as part of the CPU/Mobo deal, so I listed it on FB Marketplace for $100 AUD. While trolling around on there, I spotted this 690 for sale. Remembering back to the olden days of what a beast and how expensive these cards where, it was listed for $100 AUD. I messaged the bloke, but he said someone had already dibs'd it. Late that night, I got 2 messages within 5 minuts of each other, 1 from old mate saying the first personal pulled out, and it was mine if I wanted it, and another from someone else wanting the R9 as a drop in replacement for one that died on him. Did both trades the next day. Total cost, fuel and coffee for me.

The Case and PSU was a bit of a story as well. I had a very cheap $20 case left over from my son's build (he upgraded to a TT View 27). It worked, but it was a bit flimsy. I noticed on ebay a Phanteks Enthoo Pro list for $80, "as new" but pickup only. It was a 10min drive from my place, but I just kept an eye on it (didn't have the cash at that point in time). A week later, and it was still there. I put in a nearest offer for $60, and the bloke accepted it. Went to pick it up, and sure enough, was brand new in box. He purchased it for a server build he was doing, but the motherboard he ordered came in a case. While I was paying him, he goes "need a PSU?" "Sure" I go, as I old had a 450W, and it was going to struggle. Out he trundles with a Corsair 650W Gold Semi-mod, and hands it over, for nothing!

Peripherals were all off facebook marketplate, and nothing was over $50 (keyboard, mouse and monitor all under $50 each.

Build complete. Runs great, and seems to keep up with my sons 1060-3Gb in games that support SLI. Fortnite only uses 1 GPU, so it gets turned down a bit when I play.

I'm back baby Emoji
Color(s): Black Green
RGB Lighting? No
Theme: none
Cooling: Air Cooling
Size: ATX
Type: General Build


$ 185.00
Intel - Core i7 4790
Socket: LGA 1150
Cores: 4
ASRock - H97 Fatal1ty Performance
Chipset: H97
CPU Socket: LGA 1150
Size: ATX
$ 38.43
G.Skill - Value (1600MHz)
Type: DDR3
Capacity: 16 GB
$ 410.10
ASUS - GeForce
Chip Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip: GTX 690
Interface: PCIe x16
$ 29.49
Crucial - BX500
Form Factor: 2.5 Inch
Interface: SATA 6 Gb/s
Capacity: 240 GB
$ 429.99
Corsair - TX650M Gold
Wattage: 650
Form Factor: ATX
Efficiency: 80+ Gold
$ 139.99
Phanteks - Enthoo Pro
Type: Full-Tower
Side Panel: Window
Case Fan
$ 14.99
LG - 29EA93
Size: 29 Inch
Panel: IPS
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
$ 172.04
SteelSeries - Apex
Interface: Wired
Type: Full Size
$ 154.99
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