Randal Davis
Retired from the Swine industry , Chef, Father
Kingman, United States
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About Me

Father of three amazing kids, married for the best 21 years of my life to a awesome, Beautiful women. Couldn't ask for anything better in life, other than wishing i never had double heart attack back in 2017, my life almost ended. but thank to my wife, the doctors steady hands and the grace of GOD above, i am still here.
I been away from the PC building for about 10 years, so trying to relearn what i did know ..I find my self looking up at night going , THANK YOU for the gifts you have given me in my life and for the gifts you keep giving me..
I am a reborn Christian, after the lose of my brother in 2018 and my father the same year..
I am wondering what life is gonna throw at me next, Hope it is not what the wife filed for, thats for sure. But we are trying to work it out and figure it out.

My Skills

I am a swine heards man by work ( retired ) , A Chef by trade ( further tracing ) and a Father by life and by the grace of GOD.

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