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I was the kid who tore the computer apart and put it back together before mom got home (and prayed that it worked), just to see the parts.

In 7th grade (1997)... after learning what a video card was... I learned that my video card, which was currently displaying an entire 16 colors... could, in fact, display 256 colors!!! That, then became my mission to figure out how to make it happen. I spent 3 months on researching (this was before google) how to make my computer display better and I got it!!! ... ... Only to realize that I couldn't tell the damn difference between 16 colors and 256 colors, since Windows 95 was built to display the base colors anyway. From then I was determined to make my computer do better.

I built my first gaming computer as a highschool graduation present to myself, although it took me a while to gather the money needed for the build. Asus P4C 800e Deluxe motherboard with a 3Ghz Pentium 4 With Hyperthreading, 512MB of DDR RAM, and a 512MB AGP Graphics Card... This thing was a beast(Please contain your jealousy). Unfortunately, that had to last me much longer than expected, because I took down my dinosaur 5 months ago, April of 2019, when I got the opportunity to build what I am on now. See Build for details Emoji
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