10K Challenge - March 9 Update

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10K Challenge - March 9 Update

Hello builds.gg Members!

The response for the 10K Challenge has been tremendous with over 170,000 votes have already cast! Remember to share your own build link to get people to check out your build.

As the votes continue to pour in, we have done a lot of improvements and security checks behind-the-scenes to ensure a fair and fun contest for all participants. Here's a list of what we've done so far:

  1. Multi-accounts - some unscrupulous users have been creating multiple accounts on their own and voting on their own builds. We have disabled all of these accounts, and also removed these votes.
  2. VPN voting - other users have tried use VPNs to try to use multiple IPs to vote for their own builds. Votes cast via VPNs have all been removed, and any future votes made via VPN will not count.
  3. Unpublished builds - a small number of builds were unpublished by accident through our effort to invalidate fake accounts and entries. This has been rectified, and these builds have been re-published.
  4. YouTubers - a number of people have raised concerns regarding large YouTubers a entering the contest and leveraging their hardware resources and social reach to get votes. We are aware of the situation, and many of the largest media have opted not the enter the contest and skew the results for the community. Others, who had originally entered the contest, have graciously bowed out for those same ends.
  5. Contest themes - some members of the community have expressed that their own build (for whatever reason) would "never win" and are hesitant to enter the contest at all. For these people, remember that we have two other methods to win prizes (i.e. Method 2 and 3) that are done by random draw. Having said that, we will have more diverse and interesting build contests in the future, which will cater to more users and more builds.

We've got many messages from people telling us that they are having a blast checking out and voting on builds. Remember that you can win prizes simply by voting!

If you have any issues regarding your contest entry, do not hesitate to let us know by writing us a support ticket.

Keep those builds and votes coming so we can reach the next stretch goal! :)

The builds.gg Team