A mix of old and new

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Ricky Harding
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United Kingdom
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A mix of old and new

My build is based around a i7-8700k, air cooled with a Thermaltake Riing Silent 12 Blue CPU Cooler, 32GB of HyperX Predator
at 3000mhz and EVGA 1080 FE on a Z370 GAMING PRO CARBON AC. This is powered by a Fractal Design Newton R3 1000W Hybrid 80PLUS Platinum Modular Power Supply. All of that is enclosed in a Thermaltake Overseer RX-I case.

Storage is: Boot drive: Intel 760p NVMe. main drive: Samsung 860 Evo with 2 additional SSDs being an Samsung 840 EVO and a Kingston SV200. Total storage is around 900GB and this is backed up with a 2TB raided NAS from Netgear.

Now, here comes the interesting bit, cooling. I have 4x 200mm Thermaltake fans configured as extractors, 2 140mm fans, also configured as extractors and a single 200mm fan on the side for intake. Nothing overly strange there?! Well, the intake 200mm fan is jury-rigged to a HVAC pipe (also 200mm) which runs to a vented window so that is pulls in lovely, cool, clean fresh air from the outside.

This gives me idle temps around 20C on the CPU with good headroom for overclocking, especially on cold winter nights.

I suspect, at least one of you are saying to yourself...but wait..surely there's an issue with condensation?! Well, let me say, I first did this with my i7-970 about 10 years ago. I have done 4 upgrades (for performance not H/W issues) and in all that time, I've never had any condensation, never had any H/W failures and never any problems. So, for those of you who are concerned, let 10 years plus is problem free running set your minds at rest. One massive advantage of this that outside air has virtually no dust so the inside of my case is generally dust free. This means my fans don't get dirty and I don't suffer with cooling degradation over time.

And lastly, I have 3x Samsung 24" curved monitors. 1, my main screen is a 1080p 144Hz 1ms response, the other 2 are 1080p 60Hz but as secondary monitors this lower refresh rate is fine.
Color(s): Black Blue
RGB Lighting? Yes
Theme: Color
Cooling: Air Cooling
Size: ATX
Type: General Build


$ 219.00
Intel - Core i7-8700K
Socket: LGA 1151
Cores: 6
Integrated Graphics: Yes
$ 225.00
MSI - Gaming Pro Carbon AC
Chipset: Z370
CPU Socket: LGA 1151
Size: ATX
$ 244.05
Kingston - HyperX Predator (3600MHz) (Black)
Type: DDR4
Capacity: 32 GB
$ 369.99
MSI - GeForce Gaming X Trio
Chip Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip: RTX 2080 SUPER
$ 40.15
Intel - 760P
Form Factor: M.2
Interface: M.2 (M)
Capacity: 128 GB
$ 99.00
Samsung - 860 EVO
Form Factor: 2.5 Inch
Interface: SATA 6 Gb/s
Capacity: 500 GB
$ 149.99
Samsung - 860 EVO
Form Factor: 2.5 Inch
Interface: SATA 6 Gb/s
Capacity: 1 TB
$ 438.59
Fractal Design - Newton R3 1000w
Wattage: 1000
Form Factor: ATX
Efficiency: 80+ Platinum
Thermaltake - Overseer RX-I
Type: Full-Tower
Side Panel: Window
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