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James Prine
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Auto body tech and auto tech
United States
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About Me
I've worked in dealerships for 29 yrs the last 8 yrs have been in the body shop side. The first 21 was in the service side doing engine, trans, electrical diag. and repair. Restored a few cars. First computer build was a LGA 775 with 2 460gtx GPU. That was the only Intel build I have done the rest have been AMD. Building computers is a hobby. Enjoy OC and running benchmarks. Gaming is great really enjoy it. Stayed up 40hrs straight playing fallout 4 when it first came out. I use Xbox controller when gaming I'd like to learn the keyboard and mouse side of it. I'm from the old console games. Atari 5600 was my first console lol. Once you switch to computer gaming you won't want to go back. Building computers is addicting ????. I'm here from Jayz2cents YouTube channel. I think this site is a great idea for everyone to show off their builds and get ideas from other builders.
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Having fun.