November 26 Feature Update

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November 26 Feature Update

Hello fellow builders,

We're sure you've noticed by now that things have changed around here!

Here are just some of the new and improved features we've rolled out:

  • New Start Page and Feed: After several months of development, we are proud to introduce our newly-designed start page. This more dynamic page helps keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings on in a more friendly and intuitive way.
  • Most Valuable Builder: A new program we are introducing that awards our most active contributing members every month. Check out this page for details.
  • Notifications: Faster and more timely
  • Auto Dark Mode: Automatically adjusts the theme based on your current timezone.
  • Virtual and Concept Builds: You can now post Virtual (rendered) Builds as well as Concept Builds. Virtual Builds can be found via a special filter, and Concept Builds via direct link.
  • New Build Details: You can now specify if your build uses Vinyl or Paint
  • Parts Quantity: You can now specify how many of each part you've used in your build.
  • Adding Parts: Easier now via quick search with specifying brand/category first.
  • Build Updates: Moved updates list above hardware parts listing.
  • And more: Speed/performance improvements and more squashed bugs.

We hope you like the new changes, and are looking forward to your feedback. To let us know what you think, head to our forums and enter your comments there.

Thanks to everyone for being a member. More improvements to come!

The Team