Fresh New Updates on

Fresh New Updates on
Fresh New Updates on

Since our launch less than two weeks ago, has already hit over 4,000 registered users and over 2,000 published builds! A huge thank you goes out to everyone that's joined our growing community.

We have been hard at work implementing the features that you want to see on Here's a list of changes we've made to the site since launch:

  • Fistbumping - want to thank someone for a particularly useful or funny comment? Give their comment a fistbump as a thank you. There's even a new set of fistbump Awards!
  • Award Overview - now there's a complete overview of awards that you can earn on Simply click on any award on the site to see it.
  • Enhanced Parts Support - now there is proper support for both discontinued and custom parts.
  • Build Requirements - all builds now require at least one picture to be published. Who wants to see a bunch of black boxes anyways?
  • Design and Layout Optimizations - too many to list here. Why not have a look around?
  • Bug Fixes - does this really need to be said? :-)

We will be working around the clock to improve the site, so keep those suggestions coming. Also look out for our first official contest!

Once again, thanks for being a part of!


The Team