Build of the Month January Update & February Live!

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Build of the Month January Update & February Live!

Greetings Members!

Congratulations - we have somehow survived the first month of 2021! As such, it's time to announce January's Build of the Month winner. This time, by TekRed Mods has managed to garner more votes than all the other builds - congratulations!

TekRed Mods will be receiving a sweet prize packaging from the chaps at Performance PCs, EKWB, and CableMod. Way to go!

Along with this announcement, we unfortunately have to address an issue with this month's contest. User "MTU BUILDS" was disqualified from the contest for using a public Facebook page to promote this build and ask for votes. Even worse, he stated that he would give away part of his winnings to people who helped boost his build ranking. By effectively running a giveaway in return for votes and violating the contest rules, MTU BUILDS was removed from the contest on January 25th. We encourage all users to review our contest rules - violations of our rules will be dealt with swiftly by our ever-vigilant admins.

February 2021, Build of the Month Contest is once again sponsored by Performance PCs, EKWB, and CableMod. Be sure to enter your build for a chance to win!

The Team