August 12th Feature Update

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August 12th Feature Update

Hello members!

You may have noticed that things look a bit different around here. That's because we have been hard at work implementing not only a raft of new site features, but also overhauled many of the site's sections to be clearer, more functional, and prettier all at the same time.

Here's an overview of what we've accomplished since our last update:

  • New Layout - A fresh new look that is not only more streamlined, but also looks much better on mobile resolutions. Try it! We'll wait right here. ;)
  • Dark Mode - An oft requested feature, can now to viewed in dark mode with a simple toggle, which is located in your user settings. This feature is still in beta and might be incomplete in certain areas, so let us know if you come across any glitches.
  • Community Hub - A brand new community hub is here to give you an update on the latest and most trending forum threads. The latest user awards are also listed, as well as a list of the most popular builders on the site.
  • Site Bar - This is now full-sizes to make overall navigation a lot easier

Because of the current summer break for a lot of our members, our next contest will be moved to around the September time frame to give more people a chance to participate.

Until then, feel free to check out some of the new features we've added. We've got a lot more in the pipeline for you guys, so stay tuned!

The Team