Announcing the MVB Program!

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Announcing the MVB Program!

Hello Members!

We have got some exciting news for everyone today. The entire team is pleased to announce the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Program. This monthly activity is designed to help reward our most active and prolific users, highlighting those who are contributing most to the community.

Each month, our MVB Program chooses members who have met specific criteria, and rewards them with some sweet prizes. Our three categories are as follows:

  • Most Active - the user who has posted the most comments or forum posts in a given month
  • Most Helpful - the user who has received the most fistbumps in a given month
  • Most Advanced - the user who has received the most combined approvals/views/comments in a given month

Depending on the month, we will chose the top users from one or more of these categories to receive prizes.

How do you enter? It's easy! All registered members are automatically entered into the program. There's no sign up and nothing to fill out. You can check your current ranking on the MVB Leaderboard.

To kick things of in style, our first sponsor for the MVB Program is none other than Noblechairs, makers of some of the most premium gaming chairs on the market today.

For the month of December, the Most Active Member on at the end of the month will receive a Noblechairs Hero - a retail value of $440! Again, the Most Active Member will be the one who has made the most posts/comments in the month of December.

Of course, SPAM comments will be closely monitored by the moderators, and repeated offenses will disqualify those accounts from the program.

So what are you waiting for? Get active and boost your own ranking to become the MVB!