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SFFPC meets builds.gg Contest
Sponsored By
ZS Cases
Cooler Master

The Contest

Welcome to the SFFPC meets builds.gg Contest, brought to you by r/SFFPC and CableMod!

The SFFPC meets builds.gg Contest looks for the best small form factor PC builds.

By entering the contest, you agree to the official contest rules, terms, and conditions.

A big thank you to r/SFFPC, CableMod, Artesian, Sliger, ZS Cases, Cooler Master, and Scythe for helping to make this competition possible!

There are three ways to win in this contest. Read on for all the possibilities!

Participants: 270

Your Contest

To enter this contest with your build, you need to first login or sign up. Then, simply prepare and publish your build!

Method 1: Come in first

This contest is based on the number of community votes each build receives. The SFF build that earns the most votes during the contest period will receive $1,000 USD in cash!

Each account is limited to entering one build, and you can enter the contest at any time. However, voting begins on Mar 13th, 2021, 4:00 pm UTC, which means the sooner you enter, the sooner your build can start receiving votes from the builds.gg community.

Method 2: Stretch Prizes

In addition to this, there are also stretch prizes that will be offered depending on the number of entries received in the contest.

Total Unlocked: $300 USD of $800 USD

Current Stretch Prize Progress

270 entrants of 500

Stretch Prize Status

Entrants Prize(s) Status
50 Entrants $100 USD CableMod voucher added to the prize pool Unlocked!
75 Entrants $100 USD CableMod voucher added to the prize pool Unlocked!
150 Entrants $100 USD CableMod voucher added to the prize pool Unlocked!
500 Entrants $500 USD cash added to the prize pool 54% Unlocked

These stretch prizes will be given away at random to builds entered into the contest. To qualify for a stretch prize, your build must have received at least five (5) votes during the contest period.

Method 3: Participation Prizes

Of course, even if you don't win the method 1 or method 2 prizes, don't worry! You can still win big just by participating! By entering a build, or voting on your favorite builds, you will be entered into a random draw for a bevy of hardware prizes. Here's a list of prizes up for grabs:

Sponsor Prize Winner
Artesian Avium Resin & Wood Special Edition (actual prize will differ as every case made is unique due to the resin process) Sparkar
CableMod 10x 50 USD Voucher For SFF Cables Etienne , Demonicsoul, Phreakexoid, MatteBlackEverything, Turtle22, x13thirtyseven, Jeroen Piussi, scottslayer, H4kimi, cowffeeee
Cooler Master MasterBox NR200P ApocPony
Cooler Master MM720 Matique
Cooler Master SK622 JohnWick23
Cooler Master V650 SFX Gold wow_a_rug
r/SFFPC Desk Mat Cody Leo Stephens
Scythe 2x Kaze Flex 120mm Slim Fan neXT Neo
Scythe Big Shuriken 3 syber1233
Scythe Shuriken 2 adjago
Sliger SV540 MelLikesCats
ZS Cases ZS A4L V2 zigolleid

To qualify for participation prizes, simply vote on at least 10 builds entered into the contest. Every 10 builds you've reviewed (either by voting or by passing) counts as one ballot. The more you vote, the more chances you have to win!

Everyone who has entered a build into the contest will also receive 5 ballots towards this random draw.