A.R.G.A.L.C. Advanced Ryzen GeForce Air Liquid Cooled

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Troy Leonard
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A.R.G.A.L.C. Advanced Ryzen GeForce Air Liquid Cooled

The first time I saw the Corsair C70 Vengeance case on Newegg.com I knew I wanted to build an ammo can themed machine. I named the rig ARGALC and stenciled it on the side similar to an ammo can. I also replaced the side window with a tinted one from mnpctech.com this was the first full custom system I have ever built . I knew as soon a Ryzen was leaked that I had to get one and so I started picking parts, saving and waiting. On Christmas of 2016 my wife gave me the case, I started ordering parts the next day. By the time Ryzen was launched and available for purchase I had the PSU drives and case. The first mobo I got was a b350 tomahawk by MSI that died during the first week and killed the proc. I returned the board as bad and RMA'ed the proc on the second go round I put my R7 1700 in the MSI Gaming Pro Carbon. At this point I was using a friends rx290 and the wraith spire rgb cooler. Finally Cryorig had bracket available for the A80 AIO cooler that fit Ryzen so I upgraded the cooling on the GPU. Now, I was waiting on the Vega release and was planning to call the rig ARVACC (Advanced Ryzen Vega Combat Computer) but Vega was a disappointment in both performance and price. I waited a month after the Vega launch trying to get a liquid edition and then gave up and spent the same amount of money on a Gigabyte Aorus waterforce extreme GeForce 1080Ti. I changed the name to ARGALC (Advanced Ryzen GeForce Air Liquid Cooled). The GPU is cooled by it's 120mm aio and the CPU is cooled by the Cryorig A80 280mm aio. I have the CPU over clocked stable to 3.9Ghz @1.24v and the GPU sustains it 2047 boost clock speed under full load while both keep cool well under 65c.
I plan to make a few upgrades over the next year or so. First I am going to get some modders mesh from mnpctech and build a psu shroud to hide some cables. second I want to add a cable mod vertical GPU mount. Finally I am thinking about an upgrade to X570 and a 7nm ryzen chip.
Color(s): Black Green Red
RGB Lighting? Yes
Theme: Military
Cooling: AIO Cooling
Size: ATX
Type: General Build


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$ 240.00
AMD - Ryzen 7 (1700)
Socket: AM4
Cores: 8
$ 227.99
MSI - Gaming Pro Carbon
Chipset: X370
CPU Socket: AM4
Size: ATX
$ 100.37
G.Skill - Flare X (3200MHz)
Type: DDR4
Capacity: 16 GB
$ 1,097.00
Gigabyte - AORUS Waterforce Xtreme
Chip Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip: GTX 1080 Ti
$ 70.00
Seagate - ST2000DM001
Form Factor: 3.5 Inch
Interface: SATA 6 Gb/s
Capacity: 2 TB
$ 85.00
Toshiba OCZ - Trion 150
Form Factor: 2.5 Inch
Interface: SATA 6 Gb/s
Capacity: 480 GB
$ 159.99
Seasonic - Focus Plus
Wattage: 850
Form Factor: ATX
Efficiency: 80+ Gold
$ 799.99
Corsair - Vengence C70
Type: Mid-Tower
Side Panel: Window
$ 149.99
Type: AIO
Size (WxHxD): 280 mm (2 x 140 mm)
$ 48.74
Aukey - KM-G3
Interface: Wired
Key Switch Type: Cherry MX Blue
Type: Full Size
$ 74.95
Corsair - Vengance M90
Interface: Wired
Estimated total value of this build:
$ 2,930.33
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