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$500 Ryzen Gaming/Video Editing Build

I live close to a Micro Center and got the GPU used on /r/hardwareswap, so no, not everybody can make this exact build for under $500 but I am extremely happy with what I was able to put together at this price point.
Built my first computer back in 2016 and sold it to move to an eGPU setup but ultimately was held back in Adobe Premiere and Lightroom by my laptop's 15W CPU, so used the money from selling the eGPU + a little bit more to get a system that is much more powerful.

1. All Prices are in USD
2. Yes, the SSD is relatively small, but for my use case, it is enough to hold Windows and my essential programs. I do have an external HDD that I use for video/photos and games but didn't include it in the price as it isn't necessary to be able to have a usable computer. Everyone has their own priorities when building a system and I valued CPU/GPU performance and aesthetics at the top.
3. Switching out the power supply will most probably be my first upgrade, but the current PSU is handling this system at 3.85GHz @ 1.3V just fine.

Color(s): Black Blue
RGB Lighting? Yes
Cooling: Air Cooling
Theme: none
Size: Mini-ITX


Category Brand / Part Info 
CPU AMD - Ryzen 5 1600
Cores: 6
Socket: AM4
Motherboard ASRock - Fatal1ty B450 GAMING-ITX/AC
Chipset: B450
Size: miniITX
Memory Support: DDR4
Memory ADATA - XPG Spectrix D80
Capacity: 16 GB
Type: DDR4
Storage Kingston - A400
Type: SSD
Capacity: 120 GB
Form Factor: 2.5"
Graphics Gigabyte - AORUS
Chip Manufacturer: AMD
Chip: RX 580
PSU Corsair - VS450
Form Factor: ATX
Efficiency: 80+
Wattage: 450W
Case NZXT - H200 Black/Blue
Type: mini-ITX
Motherboard Support: mini-ITX
Side Panel: Tempered Glass
Case Fans upHere - 3-Pack Silent PWM
Size: 120mm