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Božo Kaurić
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Zagreb, Croatia
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Hi all!

Its been some time since I last made a new machine, but here we go again!

I got around some older parts that my friend did not need any more, so I took the MoBo, CPU,RAM,GPU,PSU and HDD... also took out a 17" Full HD screen from a broken laptop (also the speakers from it)... and I got thinking... what to do with it... I knew I wanted to do an integrated thing, with vertical screen... After some time designing it in my head, I sat down and did it in 3D.
That is what you can see here. I also cleaned and tested all components, installed OS and got it all working, so no I only gotta find some time and get all the parts that I need to build this.

Freakin isolation is not helping me, cause almost all stores are closed over here... but, bit by bit and it will be soon done.

You will be wondering whats with the cables up front... well, I decided to make video and audio signals selectable, so you can plug in the integrated display and speakers or use external ones. Connecting internal display and speakers this way just seemed cool to me, nothing else.

Here are the renderings, and as soon as I start building it, I`ll post my progress over here.
Color(s): Blue
RGB Lighting? No
Cooling: Air Cooling
Theme: Retro
Size: ATX
Type: Virtual Build


No hardware assigned to this build yet.
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