The Stock Cooling Showdown

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The Stock Cooling Showdown

Hello Members!

Our previous contest, the 10K Challenge, searched for the top builds on the Internet. Surprising to basically no one, most of the finalists came out guns blazing with full on custom loop setups. This time around, we are going to focus completely on stock cooled systems!

Brought to you by CableMod, Gigabyte, and Intel, the Stock Cooling Showdown looks for the best air-cooled and AIO-cooled (all-in-one) PC builds. Each build type will be competing for two separate cash prize pools of $2,000 each ($4,000 USD total).

As always, we will also being giving away a ton of awesome hardware prizes to people at random who vote on the builds that are entered -- a big thanks to Antec, be quiet!, CableMod, Gigabyte, Fractal Design, Florpad, noblechairs, Thermal Grizzly, and XPG for stepping up to the plate!

The Stock Cooling Showdown begins on April 4. To enter, you need to have a published build that uses either an air cooler or an AIO cooler -- no custom loops this time! Click below to enter the appropriate contest:

Air Cooling: click here
AIO Cooling: click here

Voting begins on April 18. In order to vote, you need to have at least one published build on The contest ends on May 2.

For full contest details, go to the official contest pages.

Enter the Stock Cooling Showdown today for your chance to win!