Stock Cooling Showdown - April 30 Update

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Stock Cooling Showdown - April 30 Update

Greetings Members!

There are just under 3 days left in the Stock Cooling Showdown, so be sure to get your votes in for your chance to win a ton of hardware prizes from our generous hardware sponsors!

For those who have entered a build into the contest, we wanted to update you on a much-needed rules clarification regarding link spam. While we didn't explicitly state this before, spamming comments of any kind relating to your build is a no-no. This includes making the same comment over and over on other people's builds to "come and vote on your build too." These posts don't necessarily need to have a direct link to your build to be considered spam. We thought this was obvious, but we still received questions about this. If there is excessive spamming, we will take action on those builds. Please do not spam comments to draw attention to your build - it's just poor form. :)

It's also been a little while since our last site update, so we wanted to take some time to update everyone on the changes that we've been doing to make the site better. Some of these changes are more behind-the-scene improvements, but will help make an even better place to showcase your builds and interact with other builders:

  • New forum beta launched
  • Revamped comment system, including infinite scrolling - and mobile view enhancements
  • Proper subscribe/unsubscribe functionality
  • Improved email notifications
  • Improved picture uploads
  • Added notifications when hardware requests are approved or rejected
  • Added even more build themes and colors
  • Raised limits for pictures and builds
  • Improved page search and pagination
  • Improved build gallery
  • Builds now require at least 3 pictures for publishing
  • Removed self fist-bumping
  • Numerous contest-related bug fixes
  • Other countless bugs squashed

We are already hard at work on the next exciting contest. The next one is a bit different than what we've done so far, but we think it will be blast for everyone - stay tuned!

The Team