July 3 Feature Update

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July 3 Feature Update

Hello builds.gg Members!

We're so pleased to be able to roll out another trove of feature updates for you to enjoy. Check them out below:

  • Awards: You can now see your achieved awards and their progress to the next ones in your and others profile. It's also possible to see the users who achieved certain awards using the new user list feature. Simply click on one of the filter links in the award listing.
  • Complete User Profile Overhaul: Basically a complete rewrite of the whole user profile containing:
    • Stats within the left-side box now contain received fist-bumps and are prettier than before
    • Tabs now show the amount of elements you'll find inside
    • Awards Tab: Already explained above, achieved awards in detail and a progress list of soon-to-be-achieved awards
    • Followers/Following Tab: You can now see who's following this user and who is the user following.
  • Approvals on Builds Page: You can now see who actually approved your build (right below the Social Sharing options). It lists up to 20 users who approved your build right away with a "Show all" button to see all of them.
  • User/Post/Build Reporting: This is now done within the website with a quick "give us a reason for your report" textbox without interupting or leaving the site you're on.
  • Mobile Display: Implemented some improvements to the display of the website on mobile resolutions and devices.
  • Bugfixes: As usual, killed quite some small, nasty bugs along the way.

We hope you enjoy the new features - if you've got ideas for more, feel free to let us know!

The builds.gg Team