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Project V3000

Hey everyone!

We're finally back here with another build. This one was something special, and if you've been in this hobby long enough, you've probably heard about this case before. It's seen about 4 or 5 full revisions - all silent and behind the scenes since it never actually debuted, but it's finally here and official! The Lian Li V3000 Plus.

We've known about the idea of the V3000 for a really long time, and throughout that time the capabilities have only changed slightly. It was always supposed to be a multi-480mm radiator capable monster of a case, with a removable and rotatable motherboard tray, offering multiple options for your build layout. But by the time it was ready to be built in, we had some interesting options for hardware components! Obviously an E-ATX motherboard was a must with a case of this size. We were graciously gifted a Z690 Dark Kingpin from our friends at Nvidia (NOTHING to do with the EVGA/Nvidia split, just a really nice gesture), and so it worked out great with this setup. The yellow capacitors on the board is actually what inspired the entire color scheme, as well! PNY XLR8 stepped up to the plate, letting everyone know that they're a solid component choice with this build. We couldn't be more excited about it. I've been personally using PNY products since the very first days of my PC building career, so I've always trusted their products. They've never let me down either. They were incredibly kind enough to send over their brand new RTX 4090, their MAKO DDR5 Memory, their fastest CS3140 NVMe, and 4 CS900 SATA SSD's for nailing down any performance and storage needs.

I know what you're thinking though. Massive case, so why is the GPU aircooled? Being that the RTX 4090 has just come out, there wasn't (and still isn't iirc) a block available for the PNY XLR8 4090. That was alright with us, since we wanted to show off their GPU in all of it's OEM glory - they were a major sponsor for this project after all! Not only that, but since EKWB was a major sponsor, they also sent over some massive kit for this build! We're super appreciative that they were open to sending their TEC system for a proper showcase as well! Their TEC system works insanely well, and it's able to keep this 12900KS into single digit temperatures, even at 5.6ghz! It may work well, but that's because it's also tuned specifically for it's own ecosystem that you put together via a custom loop. It takes control of the pump(s) and fans, fully. That being the case, you can't simply through a watercooled GPU into the mix and expect the TEC system to still behave the same way. So as you can see, there were multiple reasons why we left the GPU aircooled. Even then, this thing maxes out at 58c on air, with the 450w TDP vBIOS of course.

One thing to note about TEC setups is that it actually helps a ton to have some overkill cooling on your TEC, as it will allow for better temperature modulation for the TEC's to ramp up or down when your loop can handle any fluctuations with quick dissipation. It's why we felt right about equipping three 480mm radiators, and a fourth 360mm radiator to this setup. We wanted to showcase what this case can do right out of the box with zero modification. With Lian Li's trademark design flare, I wouldn't doubt some people out there picking this case up instead of a Case Labs or the like.

And you already know CableMod came through on this build as well, with their perfected ATX 3.0 cable and wonderful custom sleeving! Their custom cables really helped seal this build's color scheme together! And no, we have not checked our 16 pin connector because we're simply not worried about it. CableMod's quality is there.

We really hope you enjoy this build!

One more final thank you to our sponsors, for without them, this build would not have been possible!

Lian Li

And here's the official parts list, separate from this site's integrated list:

Lian Li V3000 Plus
EVGA Z690 Dark Kingpin
Intel Core i9-12900KS
PNY GeForce RTX® 4090 24GB XLR8 Gaming VERTO™ EPIC-X RGB
32GB XLR8 Gaming MAKO™ DDR5 6000MHz Desktop Memory
1x CS3140 1TB NVMe SSD
4x CS900 2.5'' SATA III SSD
Seasonic Prime TX1600
CableMod Custom Cables
Lian Li SL Infinity Fans
MDPC-X Sleeving
EKWB Quantum Delta² TEC D-RGB
EKWB Quantum Surface S480
EKWB Quantum Surface P480M
EKWB Quantum Surface S360
EKWB Quantum Reflection Uni 140 D5
EKWB Quantum Kinetic TBE 300 D5
EKWB Quantum Lumen 7" LCD
EKWB Fittings
EPDM Tubing
Color(s): Black Yellow
RGB Lighting? Yes
Theme: Futuristic
Cooling: Custom Liquid Cooling
Size: XL-ATX
Type: General Build


Intel - Core i9-12900KS
Socket: LGA 1700
Cores: 16
Integrated Graphics: Yes
$ 457.69
Chipset: Z690
CPU Socket: LGA 1700
Size: E-ATX
$ 165.56
PNY - XLR8 Mako (6000MHz)
Type: DDR5
Capacity: 32 GB
$ 2,449.95
PNY - GeForce XLR8 Gaming Verto Epic-X 24GB
Chip Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip: RTX 4090
Interface: PCIe x16
$ 47.62
PNY - Cs900
Form Factor: 2.5 Inch
Interface: SATA 6 Gb/s
Capacity: 480 GB
$ 459.96
PNY - XLR8 (CS3140) (4x)
Form Factor: M.2
Interface: M.2 (M)
Capacity: 2 TB
$ 501.80
Seasonic - Prime TX
Wattage: 1600
Form Factor: ATX
Efficiency: 80+ Titanium
Lian Li - V3000 Plus
Type: Super-Tower
Side Panel: Tempered Glass
RGB: Yes
Case Fan
$ 449.85
Lian Li - UNI Fan SL-Infinity (Black) (15x)
Size: 120 mm
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