Phuoc Bull

Bùi Phước Mạnh Chiến
Đà Nẵng, Vietnam
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About Me

Just a random dude living in Vietnam
I'm working at a local computer store as a technician and I live with my grandma.
I build PCs almost every day, turn a hobby into a career is like a dream to me, I really love this job.
I started an interest in PC when I was 17, since then, my life change.
Started building & selling old PC back when I was in college, then quit college half way through because things when wrong, I would be a web developer by now if I didn't f*ck shits up.
But things turned out great now and happy with that.

My Skills

Build PCs (of course)
Modding (Painting parts, RGB mod, cnc components, 3D sketch,...)
Video Editing
Web design
Android OS/Application
Windows Sofware
And reset wifi routers

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