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Frequently Asked Questions

What's this all about? is an online community designed for PC builders. We offer a place for people to show off their builds, participate in contests, and interact with PC enthusiasts from around the world.

What makes this site special?

Unlike some other sites on the interwebs, we focus heavily on the community aspect of PC building. People often ask others to post pictures of their builds for inspiration, and is meant to be the go-to site for builders who want to show off their creations, as well as get helpful advice from other builders.

We've worked hard to develop advanced search filters, which allow you to look for builds from our build database based on not only hardware, but build themes and color. We believe that these features will be immensely helpful for users who want to look for examples of specific builds.

Does it cost anything to join?

Opening an account on is absolutely free.

Does it cost anything to enter contests?

Contests are also totally free to join.

If it's free to join, and contests are free as well, how do you keep the lights on around here?

We keep things running through a combination of affiliate links (i.e. Amazon) and also corporate sponsorship. members won’t ever need to pay anything to become a part of our community.

How do I get started?

Simply open a free account, and start using the site. You can start posting your first build here. Need inspiration? Check out our advanced build search here.

I’m trying to fill out my build, but some of the hardware I’ve used aren’t listed.

No problem. Simply follow the link and let us know what hardware you’d like added. Once you do, your hardware will be listed as “Pending Review.” After review, our admins will add your hardware to the database, and your hardware will automatically appear in your hardware list. You will receive a notification that this has happened. Easy peasy!

Why do some users have a fancy URL and some don’t?

That’s our Short URL feature which can be found on the “Edit profile” page. Short URLs are unique and can only be changed once every 30 days. If you change your short URL, your original one is immediately released, and can be used by others. Please note that your cannot revert back to your old URL if it is already taken by someone else.

Where/How can I delete my user account and information?

#sad. You can delete your account here.